Out Team Members

Our team has proven to be able to provide outstanding service

With a highly capable and energetic team, inclusive of an array of multiple skills and ineffable experience in the field, Splendid Asia has proven to be able to provide outstanding service to its guests from basic to the best imaginable customized luxury, within the country. The sustained efforts to strengthen all portions of service to partners and guests are vigorously continued by the exuberant management of Splendid Asia, in addition to the thorough guidance provided to the rest of the team. While the combined support has elevated much respect and content towards the agency, our foremost priority has always been instilling even more trust and confidence in service seekers, by not just facilitating a flawless experience, but also providing a splendid service to anyone seeking our travel expertise.

Naeem PP Photo

Mr. Mohamed Naeem


+960 331 2460
[email protected]

Naseer PP Photo

Mr. Abdulla Naseer

Managing Director

+960 777 3236
[email protected]

abrar pp

Mr. Ahmed Abrar

Director of Sales & Marketing

+960 799 9960
[email protected]

Faroog PP

Mr. Ahmed Faroog

Sales Manager

+960 772 3122
[email protected]

Shahu PP

Mrs. Shahuma Moosa

Assistant Sales Manager

+960 791 0552
[email protected]

Azmeen PP

Mr. Mohamed Azmeen

Contracting and Connectivity Manager

+960 990 3114
[email protected]

Ms. Jumaana Mohamed

Sales & Reservations Executive

+960 750 0707
[email protected]

Mr. Ranjith Lanka Thilaka

Financial Controller

+960 799 9615
[email protected]


Mrs. Hawwa Nazma

Assistant Accountant

+960 799 9255
[email protected]

Ms. Aishath Asfa Ibrahim

Accounts Receivables

+960 768 3882
[email protected]

Qasim PP

Mr. Mohamed Gasim

Accounts Executive

+960 799 4266
[email protected]

Mr. Mohamed Maaiz

Sales Trainee

+960 793-2356
[email protected]

Mr. Ahmed Fayaz

Airports Operations Manager

+960 779 2883
[email protected]

Duty Mobile: +9607789883

Mr. Ali Shaan

Airports Representative

+960 772 6069
[email protected]

Duty Mobile: +9607789883

Mr. Ahmed Waheed

Airport Representative

+960 778 2242
[email protected]

Duty Mobile: +9607789883

Mr. Mohamed Sunan

Airports Representative

+960 778 5967
[email protected]

Duty Mobile: +9607789883