Providing great consistent waves with height averaging around four to eight feet and favorable weather conditions Maldives is an ideal destination for surfing. With surf schools and international competitions Maldives is suitable for both beginners and seasoned professionals.

Best Season

The surfing season in Maldives begins from late February to Mid November. The best surfs come in during March to May, and then again in September till the end of November.

How it all began

In 1973, two Australian surfers, Tony Hussein Hinde and Mark Scanlol were shipwrecked on the island of Male’. Tony was attracted by the surfing conditions and decided to stay. In 1980s Tony opened Atoll Adventures, a surf camp which started Maldives surfing.

Popular Surf Spots

Located in Villingilimathi Huraa, an amazing ride and rarely crowded.

Cokes is located in Thulusdhoo, the Headquarters of Coca Cola Company.

Honkey’s is situated near Thanburudhoo offering really quality waves.

Located next to Himmafushi, Jails is the fastest wave in Maldives with long walls and three tube sections.