At Maldives you can discover wide varieties of excursions. You can choose island hopping at inhabited islands to meet the locals or explore an uninhabited island for a castaway experience and aerial excursions. You can even take a tour of the capital city Male’.

Touring in Male'

Discover one of the busiest places of Male' with wide varieties of tuna, reef fish and seafood at the famous fish market. Explore the Maldives National Museum and enjoy the stunning carvings marking the Hukuru Misque at Male’.

Cruise Vessel Excursions

With outstanding views of the endless horizon and mesmerizing sunsets, cruise vessel excursions at Maldives provide the chance to observe islands as well as underwater with a guide.

Male' Tour
Explore the urban capital city of Maldives

Castaway Experience
Discover glories of mother nature at an uninhabited island

Island Hopping
Visit friendly locals at inhabited islands

Tavel across the azure waters of the Indian Ocean