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The water sports area of our ROBINSON Club Maldives is fantastic. Here in the south of Maldives divers find top conditions: the virtually untouched coral reefs are full of life among the most beautiful in the world. Only 20 - 200 metres distance from the Club is the impressive house reef. You can hire complete sets of diving equipment (including Nitrox) in the ROBINSON Club Maldives. Diving excursions (extra charge)will take you to the reefs which are particularly rich in fish and especially colourful. The diving station (extra charge) offers an extensive range of courses - from open water diving (OWD) for beginners to special programmes for experienced divers.

Robinson Club Maldives Snorkeling

Surfers and sailors can be discover the above-water world from our water sports station (extra charge). In courses beginners learn how to steer their surfboard through the beautiful surfing area next to the island of Funamaudua. And accompanied by a water sports intructor catamaran novices acquire the confidence to manoeuvre and control the craft. The fine white sand of our beaches is a dream particularly for beach volleyball players and anyone wishing to take up the sport.

Robinson Club Maldives Water sports

Discovery tours through the island and underwater world of the southern Maldives are simply a dream, enabling you to see the country's most beautiful and intact coral reefs. The trip across the equator and back is a truly eventful experience. The fish-rich waters are ideal for deep sea fishing. And on the unforgettable boat tours you can travel to secluded, idyllic islands.

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