Submarine Diving in the Maldives

You want to view the marine life of Maldives in its natural habitat. But, you don't want to be encumbered with all that diving equipment! You don't know even the basics of diving and don't have any time to learn it either! So, what to do? How do you experience the thrill of a dive without diving? The answer lies with the Submarine Diving in Maldives.

Enjoy an experience of a dive without taking a dive. Now even non-divers can experience the delights of a dive in one of the best diving destinations - Maldives. A German engineered submarine, the Whale Submarine, has opened a window of opportunities, for those with no knowledge of diving.

Make diving in Maldives a family occasion or picnic. Experience the pleasures offered by diving in the Maldives in the company of your family from the comfortable confines of the Whale Submarine.

The largest deep diving passenger submarine, the Whale Submarine, provides you with an opportunity to descend to the depth of the Ocean, without getting wet. Dive into the Maldives underwater in a submarine.

You can see all the differently colored coral reefs on this virtual tour of the underwater city of Maldives. The various fish species like the whale shark, the 2 meter long Giant Grouper, Napoleons and White tipped Reef Sharks can be seen. Schools of beautiful fishes can be seen swimming about on this submarine dive in Maldives.

Ceaseless currents sweep the Maldivian archipelago. Caused by the monsoons, they are usually west to east during the southwest monsoon from May to November east to west during the Northeast monsoon from December to April. But changes in wind directions and tides can offset the influence of the oceanic currents. Strong currents make a dive livelier.

The Whale Submarine:

With a 100% safety record to its name, the Whale Submarine is the world's largest deep diving touristy submarine. Its maximum passenger strength is 50 and can descend to a depth of 150 meters. Its crew comprises of fully trained, professional French and local pilots.

Fully air-conditioned, it carries enough Oxygen, food and water supplies to support its passengers and crew for around 100 hours. Its normal atmospheric pressure makes it possible for you to take a flight immediately after a dive, which otherwise is not safe.

The submarine first, takes you to a depth of about 25 meters. Captivated by the immense beauty of the corals and other marine life, you dive down to 40 meters to explore the sea waters. Wreck sites, shark feeding areas and other interesting dive sites can be toured from the safety of the submarine. During the night dives, you can see the sleeping Manta rays and even sharks and the rare Napoleons.

The Submarine dive has become a very popular and attractive activity in the Maldives. After all, you do not get lots of opportunities to experience the thrill of being in a submarine (unless you are in the naval industry!) combined with the fantastic experience of a dive.

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