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The luxury resorts in Maldives have in a major way contributed to the rise in tourism in Maldives. Each resort being an island in itself has its own electricity, water and waste disposal facilities. The resorts have been constructed and developed keeping in mind all the standards and guidelines laid down by the tourism ministry./ All the construction and development in the resorts have been done keeping in view the natural beauty and without disturbing the delicate balance / eco-system of the place.

The resorts in Maldives aim to make your vacation come alive with memories of a lifetime. The resorts have lines of cottage rooms set in different shapes and spending a vacation in one of these lends your vacation a sensation of exoticness. Beautiful and colorful corals surround each island and give the surrounding waters a heavenly look. These underwater corals provide the resorts with their own natural aquarium and coral garden.

A vacation in one of these resorts leaves you with many options for spending your leisure time. Either you can simply laze around at the beach and learn the art of doing nothing. Or you can enjoy your favorite sport. Diving and Snorkeling in the beach waters is one of the most favored activities pursued by most vacationers. The waters surrounding Maldives is teeming with perfect diving and surfing spots.

The underwater coral reefs and the amazing variety of aquatic life makes you want to capture the exquisiteness of the underwater city in rolls of film. The crystal clear waters of the lagoons give you an unspoiled view of the tiny fishes swimming about. The quietness and calm of the islands are therapeutic to a stressful mind and simply drains you of all stress making you feel refreshed and alert like never before. Maldives is a destination which offers everyone an amazing holiday. Your family has the option of pursuing their different interests and hobbies at leisure. Water sports, cruising around the islands, Angling, Scuba diving or just lazing around - spend your vacation the way you want.

An incredible vacation beckons you to an amazing collection of memories.

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