Maldives Marine Life

The waters in and around Maldives is best described as "a treasure trove of marine life". The abundance of marine life in the Maldives can be mainly attributed to the ideal growing conditions for the coral reefs. The coral reefs in essence sustain the aquatic life in Maldives. Thousands of fishes and other marine life flourish in and around the underwater gardens of corals.


In Maldives, the coral reefs of about 70 different species and in almost every color adorn the waters surrounding these islands. An underwater mountain range acts as a base for these coral reefs.

Coral reefs in general are the most biologically diverse ecosystems in the world. The coral reefs go a long way in maintaining the delicate balance of the environment. They help by removing and recycling the carbon-dioxide which in excess amounts can lead to global warming. Not only this, they also act as a natural barrier against the tropical storms, floods and tsunamis.

Even in nature's food chain, the coral reefs have an important part. Seaweeds grow on the skeletons of dead coral. And the seaweeds and the coral reefs together provide other marine life like Molluscs, Groupers, Reef Sharks, Scorpion Fish and various other types of fishes with a preying ground and a home.

Fish Watch:

The Maldives waters are home not only to beautifully colored corals, but also to rare and endangered species of marine life. The clear waters and abundance of various species of fishes and beautiful aquatic plants has made Maldives popular as a diving destination with divers from all around the world.

More than 700 species of 'fishes' have found their home among the reefs here. An important role is played by the water currents in the gathering of the big fish species. Trevally's, Tuna, Jacks, Dogtooth Tuna, Butterfly fish, Sweetlips, Wahoo and Fusiliers form part of the marine life in Maldives. Mating octopus and the endangered giant Napoleon Wrasse are some of the other underwater attractions in Maldives.

Large pelagics or fishes that live in open water are found in the lagoons where the tides move in and out huge amounts of water. Sharks, turtles, anemones, schools of sweetlips, eels, octopus and rays abound in the waters of the Indian Ocean. In the late summer and during the fall, mantas and whale sharks make for a very impressive and interesting sight.

An incredible vacation beckons you to an amazing collection of memories.

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