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Shopping in Maldives can be a very amazing experience. In fact, Male', the capital of Maldives can be termed as the shopper's paradise in Maldives. Here, many shops cater specifically to the tourists, selling local handicrafts and other art items. It is also a place well known for its sale of imported goods.

The Local Market:

The "Local Market" located on the Northern waterfront, is a block away from the Male' Fish Market. When compared to the frenzy of activity in the rest of the neighborhood, a peaceful atmosphere prevails on the block.
shopping in maldives.

The market is divided into small stalls, with each stall selling local products from the atolls. Some of the produces on display are different kinds of local vegetables, fruits, yams and packets of sweetmeat, nuts and breadfruit chips. Bottles of pickles, home made sweets and banana bunches hang on coir ropes from ceiling beams.

The Majeedhee Magu

Another shopping centre of much interest to tourists is the "Majeedhee Magu". Located on the main road of the island, the sides of the market are lined with shops selling products ranging from garments, handbags and cosmetics to electronic items. The shops are open till 11.00 in the night with the exception of prayer times when they are closed.

The Chaandanee Magu, Male'

The "Chaandanee Magu" is a major commercial center in Male' and is specially known for its popularity with those wishing to buy imported goods. The majority of the products sold here are imported from Singapore, thereby earning itself the name the "Singapore Bazaar".

The souvenir shops lining the northern end of "Chaandanee Magu" are highly popular with tourists. Tourists wanting to take a souvenir from Maldives either for their friends or as a reminder of the wonderful days spent here can be seen buying 'Wooden miniature Dhonis'. Another, widely sought souvenir is the 'Thudu Kuna' - a Maldivian mat woven with local natural fibers in elegant geometric designs.


Export of items made of Turtle shell, coral and pearl oyster shell has been prohibited by the government in the interests of the conservation of the coral reefs and marine life.

Shopping Hours: Saturday-Thursday 8 am-11 pm.
Banking Hours: Sunday-Thursday 9 am-1 pm.

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