Places of Interest in the Maldives


Maldives is a nation made up of small Islands - a cluster of around 1900 islands. Each island is surrounded with beautiful Coral reefs and the different shades of turquoise, blue and green water surround the islands. Only some of these islands are inhabited.

The golden sands and the picturesque look of surrounding Indian Ocean give Maldives the look of a dream holiday destinations. Each island in itself is a luxury holiday resort which endeavors to make your vacation the time of your life. By the end of each visit to Maldives, you have a host of memorable moments.

Male, the capital of Maldives is in itself an island. The Male International Airport is the gateway to a vacation of serenity and awe inspiring sights. The most interesting places include the Friday Mosque - Hukuru Miskiiy, one of the most important mosques in Male.

The park of the Sultan, The President's residence and the National Museum are some of the important landmarks of Male. The National Museum has on display several exhibits of historical importance showcasing the legacy of the Sultans. The most famous of them all is the Throne Chair and the Sedan Chair.

The Islamic Centre, a mosque having a seating capacity of over 5000 people and with a 31m high dome covered with Gold and 41m high thin Minarets is one other important landmark.

Apart from these, a stroll to the harbor and the market can give you a scene of many boats being loaded and unloaded off their cargo. As dusk approaches, one can see the many fishing boats gliding into the Dhoni Harbor to disembark with their loads of fish ready to sell.

The other islands are best known for their beaches and beach resorts surrounded and built over the waters. Island to island transportation is mainly through ferries. The other means of inter-island transport are through sea planes and helicopters.

Diving and Snorkeling sites abound by the dozen in Maldives. Surfing on the beach waters is among the most favored activities pursued by vacationers. The underwater coral reefs in combination with the amazing variety of marine life makes you want to capture their beauty in rolls of film. The crystal clear waters of the lagoons gives you a perfect view of tiny fishes swimming about.

The quietness and calm of the islands are therapeutic to a stressful mind. A vacation there simply drains you of all your worries making you feel refreshed and alert like never before.

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