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One of the smallest capitals of the world, Male', the capital island of the Republic of Maldives. Spread over an area of only 1.77 squares Kms, Male' is located at the centre of the nation and on the eastern side of the Kaafu atoll. Male' is not only the commercial hub of the country, it is also the seat of the Maldivian government. Due to this, Male' employs more than 75,000 people and is the most populated island in the archipelago.

Male - Capital of Maldives

Most of the government offices are clubbed together in one area with shops and offices lining the main streets.


Male has been divided into four districts for administration purposes. Henveiru occupies the North-East side of the island while Maafannu occupies the North-West. The other two districts are smaller in size, with Galolhu occupying the centre and Machchangolhi located towards the south.

Another interesting aspect in Maldives is in their housing systems. The houses are referred to only by their names even though the address system includes numbers as well as names. Usually, the names are Maldivian, but some houses have English names. The influence of the British is reflected in names like "Heart", 'Night Flower', 'Blue Bell', 'Forget Me Not', Dreamy Light etc.

Tourism in Male' :

The whole island of Male' is surrounded by seawalls with absolutely no natural beaches. Nevertheless, a freshly landscaped artificial beach with a bordering breakwater stretching all the way round to the harbour makes for a splendid jogging route. This route is especially popular in the evenings, when the weather is cooler.

A land of scenery and historical artifacts, Male' has developed into a city of high rise buildings and paved roads, but without losing its beauty. Male' has retained its greenery through all the development. A very unique aspect of this capital island is that even though there is no source of fresh water supply, greenery abounds in the capital leaving a fresh and clean atmosphere in its wake.

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