Maldives Facts


Maldives is a collection of more than 1000 islands, with the islands being small and forming about 26 exotically beautiful coral atolls. Commuting between the paradise islands is mainly by ferries. And the many types of boats in varying numbers prove this. Helicopters and planes are also used for inter island transport.

By sea:

The most popular and widely seen is the traditional boat - the "Dhoni". Each dhoni is hand built by master craftsman. These unique vessels are built with strong wooden planks shaped around a wooden frame. Due to their strength, these boats are capable of sailing in even the worst weather conditions.

The dhonis have evolved with the modern times, and are now powered with marine diesel engines. Traditional dhonis still exist and have a versatile lateen sail. These boats are mainly used as fishing vessels and for tourism purposes. Apart from dhonis, the speed boats have also made their foray in the tourism industry.

By Air:

Commuting between islands can also be done by air ferries. Helicopters and Float planes connect the different islands. The few islands which are big enough to have airstrips are connected by airplanes.

By Road:

Although, each island of Maldives is small enough to be covered by foot, Maldives has not stayed behind in the field of automobiles. Vehicles ranging from a simple cycle to luxurious sports car can be found plying the roads. Transfer services through taxis are available for tourists.


An incredible vacation beckons you to an amazing collection of memories.


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