Maldives Climate

Usually warm throughout the year, Maldives has a climate that is largely determined by the circulation of the monsoon winds blowing across the Indian Ocean. Its location on the equatorial region saves Maldives from the severe tropical storms and cyclones characteristic for an island. In fact, Maldives is endowed with mild monsoonal climate.

Two monsoon seasons prevail upon Maldives - the Northeast monsoon from November to April and the Southwest monsoon which is from May to October. The Northeast monsoon is characterized by little rain and a relatively dry period. March and April bring forth the hottest days of the year with light Northeast winds and sea breezes blowing with increasing frequency.

Starting in April till May, the change in seasons is marked by strong winds, rain and a drop in the night temperature. By the end of May, the winds are predominantly southwest.

The Southwest monsoon is more prevalent from June to September. This season is relatively wet with heavy rainfall, strong gales and rough seas marking the season. Light winds during October till November end mark the transition in seasons during this time.

As far as the day to day temperature is concerned, there isn't much variation through the year with the maximum averaging around 30.4° C, and the minimum averaging around 25.4° C. Nevertheless, there is a variation in the temperature between the Northern and Southern Atolls. The Northern atolls experience light showers whereas the Southern Atolls experience more rainy days and thereby more rainfall.

The relative humidity ranges from 73% to 85%.

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