Diving equipments in Maldives

Having the right diving equipment is very important for a safe and successful dive. Most of the diving schools in the resorts and cruisers in Maldives offer diving packages or diving tours. All the equipment required for a successful and safe dive are provided by these resorts and cruisers.
diving equipments

Maintained in top condition, these equipments are of the best quality and usually state-of-the-art equipments. They include Compressors, BCD's or "Buoyancy Control Devices", Tanks, "Octopus Regulators", Fins, Snorkels, Fins, Wetsuits, "Weight Belts" and Weights, and "Dive Computers".

An ideal diving suit consists of a 3mm full length wetsuit or a lycra suit. This typeof diving suit is perfect for diving through all the times of the year. For making more than one dive a day, a 5mm wetsuit is preferred. You can bring your own wetsuit. A wetsuit may not be required during hot periods, when the lagoon water is warmer. The water temperatures in the Ocean rarely differ from the range of 27 - 30 degrees Celsius.

  • Octopus Regulator: A regulator has an instrument console, two demand valves, BC connector hose and a first stage

  • Maldivian Laws forbid diving without octopus regulators. So it is better to carry extra regulators in case of need.

  • Weight Belts and Weights: Weight belts are used for countering positive buoyancy.

  • Fins: Fins are used to propel the diver through the water.

  • Tanks: For diving, mainly single high-pressure tanks are used in the modern times.

  • Buoyancy Control Devices (BCD): Buoyancy control devices (BCDs) help you to control your buoyancy. They
    are inflatable bags styled in the form of jackets.

  • BCDs are used to increase or decrease your buoyancy in a controlled manner. You can maintain neutral Buoyancy
    in this way.

  • Mask: The mask provides a diver with a window and air space in front of the eyes, helping him to have a clear sight

  • Snorkels: Snorkels are used for breathing on the surface.

  • Dive Slate: Often used for exchanging messages, underwater.

  • Compass: Compass helps you to determine your navigation underwater.

  • Depth gauge: Helps determine your depth.

  • Pressure gauge.

  • Dive Knife: A dive knife is an important piece of equipment as it helps you to protect yourself against predatory fishes and sharks. It can also be used as a tool.

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