Arriving to Maldives


The Malé International Airport is the only international airport in the whole of Maldives. Previously known as the Hulhule International Airport, it is located in Malé - the capital of Maldives. As you begin your descent for the touchdown, you are suddenly struck by the beauty of an airstrip that in essence takes up the whole of Malé.

Upon arrival in Male, you will be granted a 30 day tourist visa based on immigration requirements. You will get clearance from the Port Health once they are satisfied that you have not passed through any countries having serious, contagious epidemics.

Traveler’s Tips:

  • All luggages are electronically screened. Keep your luggage keys handy in case manual inspection is required.

  • Answer any questions asked in a straight forward manner. For e.g. you may be asked if you have any CD's or DVD's of movies etc.

  • You will normally be greeted by a representative of the resort you have booked at

  • In case, no one is meeting you at the airport, you can inquire at the “Information Counter” set up by the Maldives Tourism Promotion Board especially for tourists.

  • In case, you have not made a reservation before arrival, contact any properly identified representative of a local agency.


    An incredible vacation beckons you to an amazing collection of memories.

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