Seenu Atoll Maldives - Addu atoll

Addu atoll, also known as the Seenu Atoll (S.) is located between latitude 0° 36' S and 0° 44' S to the south of the equator. The Seenu Atoll has the second largest population after Male'. The administration of Addu or Seenu Atoll includes six islands.


The atoll capital, Hithadhoo has a population of about 15000. The facilities in Hithadhoo include a secondary school, a regional hospital, and fish processing industry, garment factories and a regional port to catering to the ocean going vessels. Hithadhoo also boasts of good telecommunication facilities. An asphalt road (the first of its kind in Maldives), connects Gan island and Hithadhoo island


Most of the development in the Seenu atoll and especially in the Gan Island can be attributed to the British. Since the Second World War, the British had established their presence in Seenu Atoll and they developed the island of Gan as a Royal Air Force base. In 1956, the Gan Island became a strategic Cold War outpost. The islands of Gan, Feydhoo, Maradhoo and Hithadhoo were interconnected with causeways. The natives of these islands were employed by the British.

When the British pulled out in 1976, these natives turned to the tourism industry for employment. They had the experience of working for westerners and also spoke good English. This resulted in an influx of Addu people to Male' seeking employment in the nearby resorts and also looking for education to their children.

The Royal Air Force base was converted into a domestic airport for the Gan Island. Daily flights connect it with Male'. Gan Island also has an International airport and a hotel which caters to the growing tourism industry in the south of Maldives. The nearby island of Villingili has also been developed as a tourist resort.



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