North Kaafu Atoll Maldives


Located between 4° 59' N and 3° 48' N, the North Kaafu Atoll is the place in Maldives where tourism first started. The centre of tourism, the atoll has the largest number of resorts. Diving and surfing sites abound in this atoll. The unspoilt beauty of the islands in this atoll attracts tourists from far and wide.


Thulusdhoo, an important island in the North Male Atoll, is the hub of commercial activity. One of the main warehouses of the State Trading Organization (STO) is located on the island. The warehouse is a trans-shipment point for dried fish as well as smoked and salted fish. A Coca Cola bottling plant is also located here. A boat building facility, which builds traditional 'dhonis' by using fiber-glass is also located here. Thulusdhoo is a top destination for surfers and is popular with surfers for its surfs, appropriately named "Cokes".


To the north lies a large agricultural island, Kaashidhoo. This island has a population of about 1800.


To its south lies the Gaafaru Atoll, an atoll isolated from the rest. The Gaafaru Island, in the Gaafaru atoll, is the only island on the northern side of the reef to be marked by several shipwrecks. The population in this atoll is around 1100.


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