Meemu Atoll Maldives

Meemu Atoll lies between the latitude 3° 11' N and 2° 45' N. The majority of the islands are located on the eastern rim of the island. The islands of Meemu Atoll are ideal as holiday destinations.

The Medhufushi Island Luxury Resort and the Hakuraa Island Resort are located on the eastern side of the atoll.

The Medhufushi Island Resort, measuring 900 m long and between 90 and 200 m wide, offers unexplored diving sites. The Hakuraa Island Resort operates free snorkeling shuttles to the nearby snorkeling sites.

Mulaku Kandu is one of the best five channels located along the northern fringing reef of this atoll. Mulaku Kandu features large submerged pinnacles which are covered with soft corals. Innumerable marine lives are attracted by these formations and make the channel a great place for diving and snorkeling. The western rim of the atoll also features some great channels which are thriving with marine life. Southwest monsoon is the best time for diving in the waters surrounding this atoll.

Dhiggaru, is well known for its fishing industry and is one of the densely populated areas in Maldives. Kolhuvaareyaafushi, which is located at the southern tip and Mulah are known for growing yams. A mosque at Kolhuvaareyaafushi showcases a sword, which is believed to have been used by Sultan Mohamed Thakurufaanu. The sword measures 24 inches by one and a half inches

Commuting in and around Meemu atoll is made easy by the traditional all purpose vessels which are powered by diesel engines. Larger boats called vedis are used for longer trips to the outer atolls.



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