Dhaalu Atoll Maldives

The Dhaalu lies between latitude 3° 01' N and 2° 39' N. The Atoll is popular among tourists as one of the most exotic destinations in Maldives. Divers from all around the world visit this atoll for the amazing diving experiences it offers.

Dhaalu Atoll, also known as South Nilandhoo Atoll is 150 kilometres from Male’ and measures 38 kilometres in length and 23 kilometres in width. With about 46 islands in all, eight are inhabited.

The atoll was recently opened up for tourism and the two islands designated for the purpose started operations towards the end of 1998. Although diving in the atoll began only recently, it is already known that the atoll offers excellent dive sites. The resorts are located in the northeast corner of the atoll, which many believe has the best potential for diving.

Something special about the atoll, which has already been found, is the number of turtles seen during dives anywhere in the atoll. There are two known wrecks near the island of Kudahuvadhoo; the ‘Liffey’, wrecked in 1879 and ‘Utheemu 1’, which ran aground in 1960.

By seaplane it is a short 35 minutes from the airport. A more leisurely cruise on a speedboat would get you to the atoll in three hours.

The atoll has a small population of 3,500. The capital island of the atoll is Kudahuvadhoo at the southern tip of the atoll.

The island of Ribudhoo is the home of the finest jewellers in the country. Legend has it that it all began hundreds of years ago when the Sultan banished his chief jeweller to this island for stealing some of his gold.

The fishing village of Meedhoo is the closest to the resort islands, situated almost in between the two just a 15-minute boat ride away. The main occupation of the people of Meedhoo is fishing.


The capital island of the Dhaalu atoll, Kudahuvadhoo, is located at the southern tip of the atoll. With a population of around 1500, the island, Kudahuvadhoo, is equipped with basic infrastructures including good secondary level schools and medical facilities.

Hawittas or mysterious mounds, which are believed to be ruins of Buddhist temples, mark the island's landscape. Another major landmark of Kudahuvadhoo is an old mosque, which is famous for its craftsmanship. Considered a masterpiece by top archeologists, this mosque is especially well-known for its coral stone carvings and masonry.

Divers find this island to be a good diving destination for pleasure as well as for diving. The two wrecks located near this island - the Utheemu 1, which wrecked in 1960 and the Liffey which ran aground in 1879 attract a diverse range of marine life.


The island, Ribudhoo is famous for its jewellery and is hence also known by the name - "Jewellers Island". Home to the finest jewelers of the Maldives, gold and silver jewellery of the finest quality is produced here. According to Maldivian legend, the chief jeweler of the Sultan started this craftsmanship after being exiled to this island for stealing some gold.


The island, Hulhudheli is located at quite a distance from the other inhabited areas. The island has a population of 750.


The island, Meedhoo is a fishing village located close to the 2 resort islands of the Dhaalu Atoll. The resort islands are separated from Meedhoo by a 15 minute boat ride only.




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