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Vaavu Atoll hosts some of the best diving in the Maldives. Fotteyo Kandu is considered by many as the best dive site in the country and one of the top five in the world.

Vaavu Atoll is comprised of two geographical atolls; the main Vaavu Atoll and the large circular atoll, 9 kilometres in diameter, Vattaru with just one uninhabited island on it.

Vaavu Atoll is a true geographical wonder. It is a boot-shaped atoll and the ‘toe’, Fotteyo Muli is the easternmost point of the Maldives archipelago. In addition to this, the 55 kilometres long unbroken reef that stretches from the ‘toe’ to the ‘heel’ of the ‘boot’ is the longest reef in the Maldives and the island Fotteyo Bodufushi on this reef is the easternmost island.

Vaavu atoll has been exposed to tourism since 1975 and the atoll has been a great favourite with safari and cruise operators. However it is more isolated and less commercialised than any of the other tourist atolls.

The reefs of the eastern side of the atoll are in pristine condition and are wonderful for divers and snorkellers alike. There are many thrilling shark dives in the atoll, where divers may be lucky enough to see hammerhead sharks as well as the more common grey reef sharks. Both resorts in the atoll offer transport from the airport by speedboat, an exciting two-hour cruise southwards along the eastern side of the atolls.

There are about 17 islands in the atoll in addition to several small islets. The population of the atoll is less than 2,000 and the five fishing villages are sparsely populated. The islands still retain the idyllic atmosphere of relaxed island life.

The Vaavu atoll lies between the latitude 3° 41' N and 3° 13' N. Shaped like a boot, the administration of Vaavu atoll encompasses 2 geographic atolls - the main Vaavu atoll and the Vattaru Atoll.

The longest reef in Maldives - an unbroken reef 55 kms long, stretches through the length of the boot - from the toe to the heel.

Vaavu atoll

The toe of the boot is synonymous with the easternmost point of the archipelago of Maldives. The toe is represented by the Fotteyo Muli.

An atoll, less developed than the others, is a hot favourite as a travel destination. The eastern side of the atoll is frequented by divers for the exquisite experiences it offers in terms of diving and snorkeling including a number of thrilling shark dives.

The atoll has 17 islands, out of which 2 have been developed as luxury resorts. The resorts are accessible by speedboats. The population is less than 2000, with a population of 600 in the capital, Felidhoo itself.


The Vattaru atoll is 9 kms in diameter. The Vattaru atoll consists of only one island and that too is uninhabited.

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