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The Alifu Atoll lies between the latitude 4° 27' N and 3° 55' N. Located at a distance of 45 km from 'Kaafu Atoll' there are 18 islands which have been inhabited with a population of around 10000.

The main occupation of the natives includes weaving sails, collecting and carving corals.

The natives of this atoll are well known for their diving skills. They more are underwater than above. The Source of economy for this island is its high production of coconuts.

The next zone to venture into tourism after North Male' atoll, Alifu Atoll has 27 resorts in all and has provided the natives with a new source of income. The preferred mode of transport for accessing the resorts is by speedboat and seaplane.

This atoll also boasts some exceptionally exciting dive sites; the hammerhead point in Rasdhoo Atoll, Maaya Thila in Northern Ari Atoll which is a protected site and dive sites in the south famous for its sighting of whale sharks are just some of the highlights.

With 27 resorts in the atoll, this is the second zone to which tourism expanded. Alifu Atoll is comprised of three geographical atolls - Ari Atoll, one of the largest atolls in the Maldives, measuring 80 kilometres in length and 30 in width, Rasdhoo Atoll and the tiny Thoddoo Atoll. If you visit a resort in Ari, you will be surprised to learn that this is one of the most highly developed tourist areas in the Maldives. Looking out across the water from your bungalow you will easily forget that the rest of the world exists. Only when you venture out and visit other resorts will you realise that there are other widely dispersed resorts.

You may get to your chosen resort in Alifu Atoll by speedboat or seaplane, an exciting option considering the beauty of the atolls from the air.

Alifu Atoll is divided into two administrative zones; South and North Alifu Atolls. There are a total of 18 inhabited islands with a population of about 10,000. Thoddoo has a reputation for agriculture, especially watermelons. In 1958 archeological sites on the island were excavated. It was found that the island was an important Buddhist centre before the country embraced Islam in 1153. The island’s mosque was built in the 17th century and has recently been renovated. The mosque on the island of Mathiveri was built during the reign of Sultan Ibrahim Iskandhar, during the 17th century. The Friday Mosque in the capital Male’ was also built during his reign.


One of the largest atolls in Maldives, the Ari Atoll is 80 kms long and 30 kms wide. The natural beauty of the Ari atoll has led to it being the most well-developed tourist zone in Maldives.


Rasdhoo Atoll is the capital atoll of the Alifu Atoll. A part of the Alifu Atoll, the Rasdhoo atoll boasts of two resorts and an uninhabited island. The Atoll capital, Rasdhoo has a population of more than 850.


An important island from the historic perspective, Thoddoo has several important archeological sites. The excavations of these sites have revealed that the island was an important Buddhist centre before Maldives embraced Islam in 1153. Another important attraction of this island is the 17th century Mosque. Thoddoo is also well-known for its watermelon fields.

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