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Raa atoll is a huge atoll, 65 kms long and 28 kms wide in dimensions is located in-between 5° 58' N and 5° 20' N. Several complex reef formations mark the centre of the atoll. The eastern and western sides of the atolls are covered with numerous channels with 'thilas'. These 'thilas' have some excellent diving sites.

Raa Atoll

The Raa atoll is also well-known for its boat building tradition and proudly boasts the largest fishing fleet in Maldives. The development of tourism in this atoll has provided many employment opportunities for its natives. Numerous fishing villages dot the islands and provide an interesting insight into the native life style. The abundance of uninhabited and unexploited picturesque islands provides holiday makers and vacationers with unlimited options for a fun-filled holiday in Maldives; Raa Atoll.


The capital Island of the Raa Atoll, Ungoofaaru, has the largest fishing fleet in the country. This island has a population of more than 1200 people. Ungoofaaru also plays host to the regional hospital for the inhabitants of the North Atoll.


The island Alifushi is located on the northern part of the Raa Atoll. The island, Alifushi, is a center for imparting traditional boat-building skills and famous for construction of fishing boats or 'Dhonis'. With modern times, even the traditional 'Dhoni' has been modernized. The new generation 'dhonis' are fast replacing the traditional, old-fashioned dhonis and earning popularity with the fishermen. To keep pace with the popularity of the second generation vessels, the boatyard at Alifushi produces many dozen Dhonis each year.


Rasgetheemu, another important island of this atoll, is well known for its legendary history. Maldivian legend says that a Sinhalese prince got stranded with his bride - the daughter of the Sri Lankan King in Rasgetheemu.


Well-known for its fishing industry, Kandholhudhoo, is located on the western side of this atoll. Although the island is small in terms of area, the island, Kandholhudhoo is densely populated, with a population of over 3500. The socio-economic needs of a growing population have led to the reclamation of land up to the edge of the reef.

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