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The Lhaviyani atoll lies between latitude 5° 15' N and 5° 34' N. What sets this atoll apart from the others is not just its size but also the location of its islands. The islands of the Lhaviyani atoll are located on the outer rim of the shell. These islands are large and unlike other islands, they are marked by dense vegetation.

Fishing is the main occupation of the natives of Lhaviyani atoll. The only fish canning factory in Maldives - the Felivaru Tuna Canning Factory is located in this atoll. With an annual production of around 90000 tonnes of canned tuna, this factory is a source of employment for more than 2000 natives. To encourage an environment friendly fishing industry, the pole and line method of fishing is used.


Naifaru, the capital island of Lhaviyani atoll, has a population of around 4500. Its major facilities include a secondary level school, a hospital with proper medical facilities and good harbor facilities. Naifaru is one of the major stopover points for sea vessels traveling from the northern atolls to Male and vice versa. To cater to the needs of a growing population, a land reclamation project is under way.


The Hinnavaru Island is located 8 kms to the north of Naifaru. Hinnavaru island has a population as dense as Naifaru.

Other than these two, the other inhabited islands are sparsely populated. Olhuvelifushi island, located on the south eastern tip of the atoll has the least population in the Lhaviayani atoll. Only 500 people reside here.

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