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Located in-between 5° 23' N and 4° 49' N, the administrative region of Baa Atoll includes the Goidhoo Atoll. Only 13 islands from the total of 50 islands are inhabited. Tourism in Baa Atoll started with the launch of a luxury tourist resort in the later part of 1998. From then on four more islands have been developed into tourist resorts. Tourism has increased the employment opportunities in the Baa Atoll. Tuna Fishery is the other main occupation of the natives here.

Baa atoll

The remaining islands lie unexploited with white sandy beaches rarely trodden. Some of the exquisite beaches are used for excursions. The Baa atoll can be accessed from the airport by seaplanes and speedboats. However, seaplanes are more convenient due to the distance involved.


Eydhafushi is the capital island of the Baa Atoll and has a population of more than 2500. The facilities available in this island include a hospital with good medical facilities, a secondary school and reliable electricity. Additionally, Eydhafushi boasts a good harbor. Eydhafushi is well known for its 'Feyli' weaving industry. 'Feyli' is a wraparound skirt for women.


Located on the South western side of the atoll, Thulhadhoo is the second populous island of the Baa Atoll. The growing population and its increasing needs have led to land reclamation. The land size has now increased twofold. The main source of employment for the natives of Thulhadhoo comes from the Tourism industry. The staffs employed in the five resorts of this atoll come mainly from this island. The resorts also support the famous Lacquer and Handicraft industry of the island.

Goidhoo - Horsburgh

Goidhoo atoll, also known as Horsburgh Atoll, lies around 12 km south of the main Atoll. Comprising of 3 islands, the Goidhoo atoll is inhabited by more than 1000 people. In 1602, the famous French explorer, Fraccois Pyrad had his first experience of Maldives when his ship - Corbin ran aground in the Goidhoo Atoll.

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