Island Hideaway Maldives Luxury Resort and Spa

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| Location and Geography | Phiolosophy and Environment |

The Maldives is an archipelago of small coral islands located in the Central Indian Ocean 595 km south of India and 650 km southwest of Sri Lanka. It consists of an estimated 1,196 islands in 26 natural Atolls of which less than 200 islands are inhabited by a total population of 285,000 Maldivians. Guests are whisked to The Island Hideaway in the North of the Maldives by a 45-minute scenic photo-flight from the international airport at Malé, the capital city, to Hanimaadhoo (Domestic) Airport followed by an exhilarating 20 minute speedboat hop to Dhonakulhi Island. We are delighted to introduce the FIRST Marina in the Maldives, a fully-equipped, state-of-the-art Marina, built by Walcon Marine - a well-known Marina Builder.

Dhonakulhi is a physically large crescent-shaped island with a beach length of some 1.4 kilometres on each side, a width of 500 metres and land area of 234,000 m² – equivalent to 28 football pitches. The crystal clear turquoise waters of the shallow waist-deep lagoon surrounding the Island stretch as far as the eye can see. The Island is unique in its reef formation, the reef system it sits on having a natural channel splitting it in two distinct parts, and thereby forming a natural harbour for the marina. In addition to coconut trees, banana trees and lush vegetation, the Island is covered by uniquely rich dense bushy vegetation.

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