About Us - Splendidasia Maldives

Splendid Asia is a well established tour operator based in the Maldives. Our devoted staff offers our clientele the best of sandy white beaches, breathtaking dive spots, fun activities and sports. The highly experienced executives of our company have brought with them their knowledge and skills acquired through years of experience in the travel industry. Our efforts to keep up with top standards in the travel business have enabled us to progress and grow into a successful enterprise. At Splendid Asia we go to the extra mile to deliver a variety of services in the field of tourism. We are dedicated in promoting the cultural and natural treasures of the Maldives.

Splendidasia (License No. TRA 182) issued by the Ministry of Tourism & Civil Aviation, Republic of Maldives and the company is operating under the Maldives Tourism Act (Law No. 2/99)
Splendidasia Private Limited (Registration No. C-41/2006) is registered with the Ministry of Economic Development & Trade, Republic of Maldives.